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Do you and your family need a break in your otherwise busy day, then visit Tolne Bakker Camping, which is a real natural jewel in lovely northern Vendsyssel. Due to its location, a short distance from most attractions in the area, Tolne Bakker Camping is the ideal base for an active family vacation – Or a fantastic place to just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful natural surroundings. The campground can offer activities for the entire family, among them a playground with bounce pillow, miniature golf, and a jungle path for children of all ages. We have a small convenience store, where you can buy Wi-Fi access, among other things. Throughout the season, there will be several different arrangements.

The campground is located at the edge of Denmark’s northernmost beech forest, Tolne skov. The campground is located in a rolling terrain with mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. Here are 150 campsites and 12 cabins, of which many are placed carefully in natural clearings at various levels and with an amazing view of the beautiful natural surroundings. The bird life here is rich, and deer and foxes roam the entire campground. There are great options for talking walks on the many trails in the area, and there are many small oases with peace for quiet contemplation. The area is very rich in berries and mushrooms that ripen during the summer and fall, and which you are welcome to pick.

For the most part, the attractions in the area are located within short distances. For instance, you may want to visit Skagen, Råbjerg mile, the Eagle Preserve, Fårup Sommerland, Nordsøen Oceanarium, and Farm Fun. Alternatively, bring your family to the beach, as it’s only 9 kilometers to the Eastern seaboard and about 14 kilometers to the Atlantic Ocean to the west. On the other hand, why not just try something slightly more local – here are glass artists, potters, and graphic artists, or the Landscape and Farming Museum in Mosbjerg, as well as fishing and canoeing on Uggerby River at Mosbjerg, among other things. There are good shopping opportunities in Sindal, Frederikshavn, and Hjørring, and Dagli’ Brugsen grocery store in Mosbjerg is just 2 kilometers from the campground.

Cozy cabins carefully placed as a natural part of the landscape and in clearings among the trees. See the cabin town here.

See the cozy campground in its beautiful natural surroundings.

Ideal base for active family vacation and experiences in areas of spectacular natural beauty.

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