Privacypolicy – Campers Goal with our privacypolicy is to for you to trust that we handle persondata we recieve from you in a secure way.

We recieve persondata about out campers for use in resevation of cabins and campingspots.

The following privacypolicy regards our campers.

1. Data controller
The data controller for for is:

Kurt Mortensen
Stenderupvej 46, Tolne
DK-9870 Sindal
Tel.: +45 9893 0266
Mobil: +45 2573 0266

2.Categories of persondata
We handle and keep the following normal persondata in our database:
Names, Adresses, Zipcodes, E-mail, phone number, amount of children and their estimated age, potentialy social security numbers.

In addition we hande the following persondata about our campers:
Names of contacts, Zip codes, nationality, E-mails, phonenumbers, camping history.

Normally we don’t handle sensitive information about our campers unless it is in specifik situations.

Semi sensitive persondata in regards to criminalrecords:
we recommend our campers to not provide this kind of information unless we specifikally ask for it.

3. Persondata, we recieve from other sources.
We can obtain persondata from sources then you:
• Reservations on your behalf through a thirdparty ex. family members, friends and others.
• Information we have recieved through social media like facebook and others.
• Information we have recieved through other types of online booking.

4. We use persondata for the following.
Persondata from our campers will be used exclusively for reservation of cabins and campingspots
Persondata from our campers amd and potential campers is used for business operations.

5. Disclosure of persondata
We disclose you persondata to the following:
in case of emergency or crime we will disclose necessary informtaion about you to the proper authorities.

Before we disclose you persondata we will if possibly attempt to get you express permission.

We have with all our campers formed a persondata agreement that contains our instruktions on how we handle persondata.

6. Persondata storage
We store your persondata only for aslong as is necessary to accomplis the goals described in section 4 above and/or as is required by danish law. After which we will delete or anonymise your persondata in a safe manner.

7. Your rights
While we have your persondata you have the following rights:
• It is your right to request disclosure, correction or deletion of your persondata.
• You have the right to contest the handling of your persondata aswell as have the handling restricted.
• If the handling of your persondata is based on your consent, you have the right to at any time withdraw your consent. Your withdrawal will not have any meaning on the legallity of the handling of your persondata done prior to your withdrawal.
• You have the right to recieve the persondata that you yourself have provided in structured, normally used og machinereadable format.
• You may file a complaint with a data protection authority.
You may make use of your rights by revoking your consent, for example, by unsubscribing to our electronic marketing in the mail that you receive or by calling us. There may be conditions or restrictions on these rights. Therefore, you may not, for example, be entitled to data portability in the particular case. It depends on the specific circumstances associated with the treatment activities. You can always contact us if you want to complain about how your personal information has been collected, stored or processed via We strive to resolve a complaint as soon as possible. If you are unsatisfied with our response, you may appeal to Datatilsynet,

8. Changes to our privacypolicy
This Privacy Policy replaces all previous versions. It will be necessary to update and change this policy continuously, and we reserve the right to update and modify it. In case of significant changes, we will notify you by mail.
This Privacy Policy is valid from May 25, 2018.